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China's super hard tool production is applied in three aspects

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  The use of super hard tools for hard turning, the technology after more than ten years of development and promotion and application, has obtained great economic and social benefits. The following to roll processing and other industries as an example, to illustrate the super hard tool in the production of the promotion and application.

  Roll processing industry

  Many large roll enterprises in China have used super hard cutting tools to carryover, rough carryover and fine carryover various kinds of rolls such as chilled cast iron and quenched steel, all of which have achieved good benefits. For example, the roll plant of wuhan iron and steel company increased the cutting speed by three times when the cold cast iron roll with HS60 ~ 80 hardness was rough and semi-fine, and one roll per car saved more than 400 yuan of electric power and hourly cost, and nearly 100 yuan of cutting tool cost, thus achieving great economic benefits. For example, when using FD22 cermet tool to turn 86CrMoV7 hardened hrc58-63 steel rolls in our school (Vc=60m/min, f=0.2mm/r, ap=0.8mm), the single-edge continuous cutting roll path reaches 15000m(the maximum width of the wear belt on the tool surface behind the tip of the knife, VBmax=0.2mm), which meets the requirement of replacing grinding by car.

  Industrial pump processing industry

  At present 70% ~ 80% of domestic slurry pump manufacturers have adopted super hard tools. Slurry pump is widely used in mining, power and other industries, is an urgent need of products at home and abroad, its sheath, plate is HRC63 ~ 67 Cr15Mo3 high hard cast iron. In the past because of the various tools difficult to turn this material, so had to adopt annealing after softening rough machining, and then quenching processing technology. After using the super hard tool, the first hardening process is realized smoothly, and the two working procedures of annealing and quenching are exempted, which saves a lot of working hours and power.

  Automobile processing industry

  In the automobile, tractor and other industries of the crankshaft, camshaft, transmission shaft processing, cutting tools, measuring tools processing and equipment maintenance, often encountered hardened workpiece processing problems. For example, a locomotive and rolling stock factory in China needs to process the inner ring of the bearing during equipment maintenance. The hardness of the inner ring of the bearing (material GCr15 steel) is HRC60, and the diameter of the inner ring is f285mm. But first with the super hard tool, only 45 minutes to process into an inner ring.

  After years of research and exploration, China has made great progress in the field of super hard tools, but the application of super hard tools in production is not yet widespread. The main reasons are as follows: production enterprises, operators to use super hard tools for hard turning effect understanding is not enough, it is generally believed that hard materials can only grinding; Think the tool cost is too high. The initial tool cost of hard turning is higher than that of ordinary carbide tools (for example, PCBN is more than 10 times more expensive than ordinary carbide), but its cost per part is lower than that of grinding, and the benefits are much better than ordinary carbide; The research on machining mechanism of superhard tool is not enough; The specification of super hard tool processing is not enough to guide production practice.

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