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Analysis of tool market structure out of control and tool market transformation

Release time:2020-02-27     Time to browse

  The domestic manufacturing industry has a rapid increase in the number of high speed and efficient CNC machine tools and processing centers, has required a large number of efficient advanced tools. Modern efficient advanced cutting tools will gradually become the mainstream of the market. Some advanced machinery manufacturing plant to supply tools factory put forward some efficient advanced cutting tool and the requirement of high efficiency cutting tools, but because of insufficient preparation and technical preparation tool factory thought, it fails to meet supply (or less can only part of the supply) the requirements of the mechanical manufacturing factory, so the factory is a large number of products using imported tools and foreign enterprises, and that needs to change, also only then to be able to make sure the tool is out of control to obtain the very good control.

  At present, tool structure imbalance on the production of tools and demand is not the right way. For example: the user needs the hard alloy tool gap is large, but the high speed steel tool is overproduced; The modern manufacturing industry is short of efficient tools, but there is an oversupply of low-grade standard tools.

  In developed countries, carbide cutting tools have occupied a leading position in cutting tools, accounting for 70%. High speed steel cutting tools are shrinking at a rate of 1 to 2 per cent a year and now account for less than 30 per cent. The proportion of super hard tools such as diamond and cubic boron nitride is about 3%.

  In the case of tool market structure out of control, the production of efficient advanced tool products is the "hard truth", which can make the tool market change.

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