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How to select solder for blade welding?

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  The purpose of the solder is to weld the blade firmly to the tool rod. Specifically, is to solder heat to melt state, the solder and the weld metal surface of the metal elements of mutual penetration, dissolved into the liquid solder copper iron, copper, along the grain boundary diffusion of iron in the iron, thus make the solder infiltration was inside weld metal, penetrate into the deeper, the quality of the weld, the better, the bigger the bonding strength. If the solder melts and does not soak into the metal to be welded, spots will appear on the brazing surface and good welds will not be obtained, so choose the appropriate solder, make some requirements for the solder, and keep the surface of the welded metal smooth and clean.

  Requirements for solder:

  (1) the melting point of solder should not be too high, it should be lower than the melting point of the blade 40--600C, otherwise it is easy to melt the blade and crack the blade. But also not too low, too low will affect the welding strength, in the cutting so that the head is hot off.

  (2) solder shall have good fluidity and wettability to ensure high strength V and t joints.

  (3) the solder should have enough toughness, and the welded seam can withstand intermittent cutting force and impact load.

  (4) the welding seam formed by the solder has a certain plasticity, which can eliminate part of the welding stress through its own plastic deformation in the welding process to reduce the generation of cracks.

  (5) there should be no element in the solder that is easy to swallow, otherwise the element will evaporate when heated at high temperature, which will affect the strength of the weld and the health of the operator.

  (6) the cost of solder should be low.


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